Are you hot? DramaGuru Revelation Vol.1 Ep.5

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The Grandiose Attack is super simple to use — that’s why people use it, day in and day out. All it takes is a word or a look or a simple series of questions like, “What’s wrong with you? Why are you wearing all that? Aren’t you hot?”

And the battle is on.

The Grandiose Attack

Placing this attack in the context of mixed martial arts (MMA), the Grandiose Attack gets combined with the Eddie Attack prior to delivering a knock-out (KO) punch. Stringing attacks together make MMA effective and fun. Humans use the same tactics on each other — and for the same reasons.

Grandiose: “over the top” or excessive, with an exaggerated belief in one’s importance. A minor attack that builds to a swarm if ignored.

DramaGuru Revelation: Vol.1 Ep.5 explores what happens when someone close to you unexpectedly drops a Grandiose Attack on you. These attacks are small and annoying — like a fly buzzing around you. But if you don’t “swat the fly” when it first starts to bother you, that one fly you ignore will have babies. And soon, you’ll have a swarm of small fly problems buzzing around your head. Take action! Swat the fly.

DramaGuru Revelation Vol.1 Ep. 5 Aren’t you hot?

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