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Donald Trump wants to punish CNN, FOX, MSNBC until they change their tune. But what would that sound like?

Donald’s Quest to Punish the Media

Trump: Ignore #FakeNews @POTUS Donald Trump is marching confidently in the direction of disenfranchising the media. He seems blissfully unconcerned  about how the (collective) media might retaliate or respond. Donald [...]

Fearless and Funny, Hasan Minhaj Rocked the White House Correspondents “Roast”

At the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, Hasan Minhaj from Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show” was responsible for roasting President Trump. No wonder Donald didn’t want to go. Thin skin? You [...]

DramaGuru Analysis: When Donald Trump Laughs At You

@POTUS President Trump, who prefers to use his pre-presidential Twitter handle, loves to snub the media. In doing so, he provides an excellent example of how to use the DramaGuru [...]

Responses and Retaliation: Stephen Colbert Bare-Knuckle Rant

Ouch! Stephen Colbert threw serious shade on @POTUS Donald Trump. Words that, if spoken by most people — at work, in front of an audience — would generate closed door [...]

Grandiose Evidence of Hispanic Support Trumped Up By Polling Organization

I clicked on the following title as I googled news surrounding @POTUS Trump. “Poll: Hispanic Support for President Trump Jumps to 45 Percent“, published on breitbart.com. The post received over [...]

On Twitter, Trump Switches Stance Like a Fighter, From President to Troll, Back to President Again

On Twitter, I see Donald Trump shifting from presidential point of view to being Donald, just another guy in the Twitter audience, shifting his attacks to whichever position serves his [...]

Trump Tweets One Word In Error and Generates 217 ReTweets Before Tweet Disappears

So funny! Does @RealDonaldTrump have an auto-responder for generating retweets, likes, etc.? Now this was obviously a tweet error – like butt-dialing on your phone. But in the #fakenews fight, [...]

Bleak But Clear, Trumpcare vs Obamacare Infographic

Does it really make sense to dismantle Obamacare? After reviewing this infographic, “How does Trumpcare – AHCA stack up against Obamacare?”, I say… About Latest Posts Cheryl RagsdaleCheryl Ragsdale applies [...]

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