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DramaGuru Cornerman Quotes

When you need inspiration to switch from a Victim mentality to a Victory stance, get motivated by a cornerman. You have a choice. Stand strong, positioned with a game plan or be miserable and complain to the friends who can’t help you vanquish your foes.

These quotes are from a variety of sources. There’s a timer in the right hand corner to let you know how many seconds are left before the next quote is shown.

Cornerman Quotes To Help You Interrupt the Pattern, Change the Game.

 If you catch a quote in the middle, when you first land on the page, it might replay. Don’t worry! Stay tuned! There’s another quote coming your way.

Quotes are updated as I find new ones to add. If you have something that would be a great fit — even if you said it yourself — leave it in the comments section or tweet it to me @thatgirlisfunny and I will add it to the rotating list.

Practice Going To Neutral As You Read

Relax as you read each quote. If it feels like a long wait, practice going to neutral.

If you can’t get to neutral when no threat is present, you’re never going to get there when you’re standing in front of an opponent.

And if you keep seeing the same message over and over again, maybe you’re missing something.

Pay attention!

Go beyond the obvious to get the message hidden in what the cornerman is saying to you.

If you see a quote that captures your attention, take a screenshot.

Meditate on that quote.

What can you learn that you didn’t see before?

What makes a cornerman great?

Be a great cornerman for someone in your life and someone will do the same for you. And as you practice your cornerman skills, you’ll learn what works and what doesn’t.

If you need a cornerman to help you handle a situation, find the blog posts and articles featuring Agent September and your DramaGuru cornerman.

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Cornermen: Agent September and DramaGuru


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