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DramaGuru: Respect, Honor, and Discipline

It’s a game. It’s a monthly magazine. It’s how you learn to fight back. Call it a game or a verbal martial art.

picjoke-dramaguru-dog-holding-rubik-cube-in-mouth.jpgThere’s power in recognizing moves as other people are making them. Getting two steps ahead allows you to calmly choose how to respond effectively. Practicing some moves of your own will build your confidence. Get really good at executing moves and you’ll find yourself confidently standing in neutral, ready to respond efficiently and effectively to, whatever comes your way.

Each week, I analyze real life situations using tools and fight moves from DramaGuru. Then, I publish the case studies in DramaGuru the Magazine. At the beginning of the new month, I write a summary of the previous month’s cases.

Don’t overwhelm yourself. Learn one move and practice it.

Arguments, debates, and verbal skirmishes happen every day. You don’t have to solve everything at once. Plus, have some fun with this. Fighting is like doing a puzzle or a Rubik’s cube. You have to be smart, confident and bold. That means practice makes perfect.


DramaGuru White Belt

Early issues of the magazine covered the basics of the game. Call it the “White Belt” level. If you want to start from the beginning to learn about the moves in sequence, start with the May 2017 issue. At this stage, you will learn the language of DramaGuru and develop your cornerman skills. This is a good time to identify who your cornermen are. dramaguru cornerman quote interrupt the pattern change behavior

DramaGuru Blue Belt

Starting with the September issue, the DramaGuru case studies became more complex. The original set of moves introduced in the white belt editions, form the basic tool kit for DramaGuru players. When you’re ready, take what you’ve learned and tackle darker, riskier emotional situations.

At the blue belt level, you should know, never to make a move, without consulting with your DramaGuru cornermen first.

Getting to the heart of the situation by working through a DramaGuru Smash will reveal the real problem. When you re-write the problem, the actions required to begin to solve the problem emerge naturally.

dramaguru card 54 keep it playful have fun
DramaGuru card number 54: Interrupt the Pattern, Change the Game. Keep it playful! Designed by Cheryl Ragsdale


Save Your Energy! No Need to Change Their Behavior. Instead, Monitor Yourself.

When you seek revenge, the pattern continues. Try a different way using a DramaGuru game plan.

300x photomania agent september raincoat in pieces copy
Agent September, cornerman

“Don’t try to change people’s behavior. Instead, let them stay as they are. They will show you the same patterns, over and over. Once you figure out the pattern, you can do something to interrupt it. Why would you want them adjusting? When I say, ‘Interrupt the pattern, change the game’, I mean, you — doing something that creates an opportunity for your game plan to succeed. Let people stay exactly the way they are. If you play your DramaGuru cards right, you will emerge victorious by defeating your opponent.”  DramaGuru Cornerman, DramaGuru the Magazine

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  • I made a few comics about bible passages to see how DramaGuru would work theologically. Too many different directions! But you can check them out, if you’re interested.