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Louis CK vs Sarah Silverman: Dirty Moves Break Friendship

After 25 years, how do you treat a friend like Louis CK? Stick with him or get as far away as possible?

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Goddard vs McGregor: Two Sides to Every Story

As Conor McGregor rushed the cage to congratulate a fellow MMA fighter at Bellator 187 in Dublin, Ireland, he was certain that he understood the situation. His fighter had won. [...]

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Kevin Spacey as Creepy Wally, Victim of His Own Hubris

Taking advantage of his power and status as a “famous actor”, Kevin went Creepy Wally on men who weren’t interested in him. Just because he could. Another abuse of power, [...]

Holding Space, When Someone Needs a Cornerman

Your Role as a DramaGuru Cornerman. I’ve chosen four (4) cards from the “DramaGuru Relationships” deck of 72 cards that describe essential qualities of a thoughtful, Agent September cornerman. I [...]

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Trapped! Creepy Wally Boss Texts on Weekends and Expects You to Respond

Texts on the weekend. Phone calls in the evening. Emails to plant seeds for you to think about over the weekend. Where do you draw the line?

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DramaGuru Magazine, Monthly Summary October 2017

Disgraced in front of his peers, his wife filing for divorce and more #metoo accusers lining up to tell how Harvey interfered with them, former movie mogul Harvey Weinstein is [...]

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Teenage Bully Sets Trap, Stymies Burger King Customers

Burger King wants to know, will you stand up for — the kid getting bullied or the messed up sandwich served to you for lunch? Black Belt DramaGuru lesson

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