Charlie Sheen! DramaGuru Revelation Vol.1 Ep.2

cheryl ragsdale dramaguru revelation vol.1 ep.2

Sorry Charlie rejection note on a hookHappy-go-lucky bad boy, Charlie Sheen revealed that he is HIV positive. Numerous ex-girlfriends and an assortment of good-time girls vented their frustration because Charlie kept his status “secret”.

Sorry, Charlie.

Charlie says he informed his partners before any action took place. Lol! As if, in his moment of glory, he suddenly gets organized and responsible.

Girls! Keep your guard up around tuna that comes with a warning.

DramaGuru Revelation: Volume 1, Episode 2

Episode 2 continues exploring how people set up an attack and then unleash everything at once. Charlie Sheen is the poster boy for presenting every kind of problem all at the same time.

And the hits just keep on coming.

Meanwhile back to the latest comic book installment of “DramaGuru Revelation”. In this issue, an explanation of how Agent September sorts out what kind of problem she’s facing.

Before creating a game plan to protect yourself, you need to understand what you’re up against. There are six problem types in my “DramaGuru” game:

  1. Fly – Code Green
  2. Bull – Code Yellow
  3. Elephant – Code Yellow
  4. Hippo – Code Yellow
  5. Snake – Code Red
  6. Frog – Code Red

If you’re having trouble figuring out which one to choose, take a look at the “DramaGuru Code Name” quiz I created to help you decide.

Girls! Keep your guard up around tuna that comes with a warning. #DramaGuru comic book Click To Tweet

Charlie Sheen DramaGuru cartoon Vol.1 Ep.2 NOV 2015 p1Charlie Sheen DramaGuru cartooon Vol.1 Ep.1NOV 2015 p2Charlie Sheen DramaGuru cartoon Vol.1 Ep.2 NOV 2015 p3Charlie Sheen DramaGuru cartoon Vol.1 Ep.2 NOV 2015 p4photo credit: Charlie the tuna, All DramaGuru images by Cheryl Ragsdale

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