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wikipedia 320px-HeroesjourneyAriel Helwani from MMAfighting shared a fabulous video featuring a walk and talk interview with former UFC champion Jon “Bones” Jones. Ariel visited Jones in Albuquerque, NM, following Holly Holm’s shocking victory over former UFC champion Ronda Rousey at UFC 193.

Horrible Situation for Jon Jones

I wasn’t sure what to expect from Jon since his embarrassing incident involving a car accident. He crashed his car, panicked — and ran away from the scene.

A pregnant woman was in the other car involved in the accident.

Shameful and heart-breaking behavior! Jon’s fans, friends — and especially his family — suffered, feeling compassion and anger with his disorganized behavior.

Jon received his punishment for this incident. He’s a young man, still learning and growing and discovering the different sides of his personality. The parts that work — and the parts that don’t work.

Jon’s Hero Journey: Back From the Abyss

As you can see from the image, Jon is in the middle of his “Hero’s Journey”. Everyone knows that Jon has a struggle ahead of him…for the rest of his life, whether he’s a UFC fighter or not.

When I watched the video, I was struck by Jon being calm, cool and collected. In my “DramaGuru Revelation” game, when people have control of themselves…when they’re in a place they consider “safe”, I call that coming from Neutral.

Neutral is a safe place to hang out

jon jones and ariel helwani in NM NOV 2015From neutral, you can make a better decision. From neutral you can decide whether you’re in a nurturing — guard down — mood, or maybe you’ll decide that the situation calls for your guard to be up.

With Ariel, Jones felt safe and comfortable sharing his thoughts. I enjoyed watching the video.

Jon has a public face and a private face. I don’t expect to see his private side. The only role he plays in my life is as a UFC fighter. I don’t have to live with Jon. I don’t have to trust him. I like to watch him fight. I hope he has a successful return to the UFC. I appreciate what it takes to return from the abyss. Everyone, at some point, makes a wrong move and faces the choice: die or be reborn.

“DramaGuru Revelation” comic book, Volume 1, Episode 4

When you veer off the straight and narrow path, small things lead to bigger things. The pattern is the same. Rebuilding and regaining trust is difficult. One stumble sends you back to the beginning of your game. People will keep their guard up around you most of the time. And that is a great emotional loss.

A hero doesn’t give up. Stay strong, Mr. Jones.

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UPDATE: Two years later, 29 July 2017

Jon Jones successfully defeated current UFC champion, Daniel Cormier, to become UFC Champion once again! Never give up, people.

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