Oh the pain, the pain when you lose

oh the pain angry face cheryl ragsdale

My latest cartoon (below) deals with the pain of losing. Some situations are easy to deal with. Other situations cause pain that lasts a lifetime. Like when former UFC champion Jose Aldo got knocked out in 13 seconds by Conor “the Notorious” McGregor.

In pain? Don’t try to go it alone

Find someone who can help. Stay connected to people who can support you and help you regain your firm foundation. There’s no shame in reaching out to someone for help. You would help, if someone reached out to you, wouldn’t you?

What’s your approach to handling your emotional responses?

words-are-weapons oh the pain cheryl ragsdale cartoon

photo credit:  Lakewood Church video 11/15/16


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dramaguru cover lesson one 1 cheryl ragsdaleDramaGuru cover Lesson Two Dec2016 cheryl ragsdaledramaguru lesson 3 what are you ignoring


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