Ronda stands alone? DramaGuru Revelation Vol.1 Ep.3

ronda rousey and travis browne return from australia LAX

After her loss to Holly Holm at UFC 193, Ronda Rousey fell under attack from now “former” fans and people who never liked her in the first place. Famous people like Lady Gaga and Laila Ali enjoyed her defeat. People that Ronda disrespected, like Floyd Mayweather, offered words of encouragement.

New bantamweight champion Holly Holm tried to stem the tide of rancor and venom by saying that Ronda’s legacy is still intact and that she should be appreciated for the doors that she blasted open.

Key Difference Between Holly and Ronda? Love vs Thug

The major difference between Holm and Rousey has to do with how they accept support.

Ronda Rousey stands alone.

Holly embraces everyone. Everyone feels included in her victory and success. That “inclusion” is reflected in how Holly’s teammates talk about her and how her new fans have rallied around her.

Ariel Helwani from mmafighting put together a heart-warming video of Holly’s teammates expressing their pride in her accomplishment — and standing with her — inside her circle of victory.

Team Jackson – Wink Reactions to Holly’s Win

John Dodson, UFC contender, on Holly’s win: “It’s wasn’t, she won, it was, WE won.” John continued his praise of Holly saying that if Earth were sending a representative into space, Holly should be chosen to illustrate what human beings are supposed to be like. “She’s a physical specimen…She’s just that nice and kind.”

Check out John Dodson sparring with a teammate — twice his size!

You can see John starting at around 10:48 minutes of the video below. He’s hilarious! Charging forward, getting teeped, but still advancing, dropping bombs on some huge dude in the corner of the screen, as UFC fighter Carlos Condit is explaining to Ariel Helwani why he stood up for Ronda in the face of the vitriol being spewed online. Jackson / Wink looks like a fun place to train. Carlos says Holly shows how a true martial artist behaves, with “humility and poise”.

Speaking of training, I recognized my boxing trainer in this video. Looks like Matt Phinney, an almost famous Boston Boxer, is hanging out in New Mexico. He watched the fight with everyone and had this to say about Holly’s win: “…it was like winning the world series for New Mexico…witnessing history right there.”

Alistair Overeem, heavyweight UFC fighter, about Holly’s style: “She’s very grounded and down to earth. She’s very respectful. She’s got good manners. She just trains and does her thing. She’s got that good energy around her.”

DramaGuru Revelation: Volume 1, Episode 3

Here’s the latest installment of my new “DramaGuru” comic book. This issue continues the conversation about problem types. Specifically, the problem type known as “frog” and how both Ronda Rousey and her mother deal with frog problems.

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Each one, teach one…whether your response is working for you or not.

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Source: Rousey’s mother says daughter’s coach Edmond Tarverydan is ‘terrible’ and a ‘bad person’

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