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Cold Comfort When I See Donald Trump With MMA Stars

It really creeps me out seeing Donald Trump (before he was president) talking to my favorite MMA people.

3 Comedians With Trump in Common: Kathy Griffin, Steve Colbert and Hasan Minhaj

Politics! Three comedians. Three different responses to their Trump jokes. Kathy Griffin got punished. Steve Colbert got ignored. Hasan Minhaj made an excellent impression by standing in neutral and blasting [...]

Which DramaGuru Tools Does Trump Use?

After reviewing the news and studying Donald — both his verbal and non-verbal actions, I came up with the following list of fight moves that he uses repeatedly.

Terrorists Attack Using a Van and Knives on London Bridge

In the hours following the attack by terrorists on London Bridge and Borough Market, the sentence, “remain calm, but vigilant,” became a rallying cry.

Mighty Mouse vs UFC Reveals the Hole in His Game

Dissatisfied and fuming, UFC flyweight champion Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson aka DJ, published his side of the story regarding his status with the UFC. (more…)

Bas Rutten: Never Sneak Up Behind an MMA Fighter

Watching MMA fighter Bas Rutten (on his video below) respond to the questions fans ask is fun. I met him at the UFC 118 fan expo in Boston back in [...]

Whodunit? Professor Taylor at the Podium with a Knife

If you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen. Standing up to President Donald Trump, knowing that he has more power than you, seems like a really brave [...]

SpringHeart Warriors Teach Martial Arts to Kids in Danger of Being Trafficked, Exploited or Enslaved

Trafficked, exploited and enslaved are terrifying words. But these words describe a very real danger that young people face. SpringHeart offers free martial arts classes to show kids how to [...]

Best Presidential Moves on Twitter: Distract, Feint, Redirect

Feint to distract your opponent, getting him or her to use valuable energy solving the wrong puzzle, while you gather your resources to attack elsewhere.

Despicable Sneak Attack on Republicans During Charity Baseball Game Practice Time

Polarized. Radicalized. Completely out of balance. All human beings, at their core, whether democrat, republican, liberal or whatever, are the same.

In Private, My Boss Acts Like a Hungry ‘Bamboo Shark’

Real life analyzed DramaGuru-style: Valerie Gross posed an interesting question in the comments section of an Opinion article published in The New York Times entitled, James Comey and the Predator [...]