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Sleuth Like Columbo With DramaGuru Shortcuts

Reading Time: 4 minutesThe freedom to be a junior Detective Columbo coupled with access to DramaGuru tactics and cornermen. Quora is the place to practice analzying real cases.

Annoy and Terrify: Take Skunk, Vulture or Ostrich Position

Reading Time: 7 minutesSkunk, Vulture and Ostrich. The decision to position for a fight in this way, makes the ones trying to help them feel impotent, confused and angry.

DramaGuru Magazine, Monthly Summary for July 2017

Reading Time: 3 minutesJuly came to a close with a total of 13 articles and one summary for June, written from the perspective of a cornerman, featured in the third [...]

Conor McGregor Domestic Violence Joke Missed Floyd, Struck His Family

Reading Time: 4 minutesTrash talking to hype Mayweather/McGregor is OK. But, when Conor shifted the taunting towards Floyd’s family, he missed Floyd and struck the children.

Standing In Neutral, The Force Is With You

Reading Time: 3 minutesWhy is Neutral a good place to stand? Standing in neutral, the Force is with you. Standing calm, prepared to respond, has power. You have time to [...]

Facing Fear: Feet Don’t Fail Me Now vs Practice Makes Perfect

Reading Time: 2 minutes“Feet Don’t Fail Me Now”, singing along with my favorite 70’s funk band, Funkadelic, reminded me that, when faced with danger, running away is always a good [...]

Parker Rice: When Your Joke Back Fires On You And Your Friends

Reading Time: 4 minutesWhat happened on the bus didn’t stay on the bus. Someone recorded Parker Rice leading a racist chant on a bus — and then put it on [...]

Usher vs Quantasia? Everybody Getting Creepy Wally’d

Reading Time: 5 minutesQuantasia, When two people make an agreement to do something together, it is possible for one person to deceive the other.

After Shaming Incident, James Damore Writes 10 Page Memo to Google, Loses Job

Reading Time: 6 minutesFrom a position of Entitlement, James complains about Google’s entitlement programs Sounds like arrogance to me. Feeling shamed at work, writes 10 page memo

Goolag? Is Google that bad? There are worse jobs, James Damore!

Reading Time: 5 minutesWearing a goolag tshirt, Damore focused uncomfortable attention on former employer, Google regarding diversity. Then, Charlottesville happened. James-who?